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I put together the most helpful tips and tricks in my ebooks. The ebooks are available at Amazon and other online ebook stores.

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Long Exposure Photography

Learn how to create dynamic, photographic artworks. Dive into the exciting world of long exposure photography and create stunning photographic artworks. The author puts many useful tips in a nutshell and created a comprehensive and easy to read guide. This book will help you to bring your photography to a new level.

You will learn about the equipment you need, the technique to create long exposures, the post processing in Photoshop and you will also get lot’s of examples.

Table of contents:

  • Introduction
  • My definition of long exposure photography
  • Equipment
  • Shooting Technique
  • Composition
  • Cloud Formations
  • Post Processing
  • Inspiring Examples
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Image Composition

Learn how to create better photos with deliberate image composition, regardless of the technical equipment you use. This book will show which methods can be consciously used to direct the way photos are viewed and the emotions triggered by them.
Create better photos with simple tricks!

About the contents:

  • Create dynamic images
  • Leading lines
  • Image area
  • Frames
  • Arranging image elements
  • Symmetry
  • Group formation
  • Light & shadow
  • Shooting position
  • Focus range
  • Colors
  • Horizon
  • Foreground & background
  • Reduction
  • Telling stories
  • Checklist for difficult subjects
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You will get the two ebooks:

Book 1: Waterfalls & Wildlife of Iceland (includes 31 high end photographic artworks)
Book 2: Landscapes & Buildings of Iceland (includes 45 high end photographic artworks)
The ebook does contain a link to the pdf version as well.

These books are great for ale Iceland-lovers and for all who will travel to Iceland. Get inspirations for your trip or just come with me on a virtual journey.

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